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Matilda Wormwood

The protagonist of the novel, Matilda is an exceptionally smart little girl: she could speak like an adult by 18 months and was reading Charles Dickens by age four. But her parents, Mr. Wormwood and… read analysis of Matilda Wormwood

Mr. Wormwood

One of the novel’s antagonists, Mr. Wormwood is Matilda and Michael’s father, and Mrs. Wormwood’s husband. He’s a small, ratty man, with luscious black hair. He always wears suits with loud plaid prints… read analysis of Mr. Wormwood

Mrs. Wormwood

Mrs. Wormwood is Matilda and Michael’s mother, and Mr. Wormwood’s wife. Though she thinks of herself as very beautiful, the narrator’s tone suggests otherwise—the narration describes her as having mousy brown hair dyed… read analysis of Mrs. Wormwood

Miss Trunchbull

Miss Trunchbull is the evil headmistress at Crunchem Hall Primary School. It’s a mystery how she got the job, as she hates children and education. A former Olympic athlete, Miss Trunchbull is extremely tall and… read analysis of Miss Trunchbull

Miss Honey

Miss Honey is the first form teacher at Crunchem Hall Primary School. She’s thin and pretty, like a “porcelain doll.” And though she doesn’t smile much, she still has a way with children—all her students… read analysis of Miss Honey
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Dr. Magnus Honey/Miss Honey’s Father

Miss Honey’s father died when Miss Honey was five years old. He died under mysterious circumstances: though his death was ruled a suicide, he was thought of as being too happy a person to… read analysis of Dr. Magnus Honey/Miss Honey’s Father

Mrs. Phelps

Mrs. Phelps is the librarian in the village. Though she’s in awe of Matilda’s apparent genius, Mrs. Phelps never says anything to make Matilda feel odd or uncomfortable. Instead, Mrs. Phelps supports Matilda as… read analysis of Mrs. Phelps


Lavender is a girl in Matilda’s class at Crunchem Hall Primary School, and she soon becomes Matilda’s best friend. She’s a tiny girl with brown hair. Lavender greatly admires Matilda for the tricks Matilda… read analysis of Lavender


Hortensia is an older girl at Crunchem Hall Primary School. She’s not particularly attractive, as she eats chips greedily and has a huge boil on her nose. But this ceases to matter to Matilda and… read analysis of Hortensia

Amanda Thripp

Amanda is a little girl who attends Crunchem Hall Primary School. She has beautiful blonde hair that her mother styles in two braids tied with ribbons—a style that Miss Trunchbull happens to detest. To punish… read analysis of Amanda Thripp

Bruce Bogtrotter

Bruce Bogtrotter is a round little 10-year-old at Crunchem Hall Primary School. When Miss Trunchbull accuses him of being greedy and sneaking her piece of special cake off her tea tray, Bruce denies the accusation… read analysis of Bruce Bogtrotter

Michael “Mike” Wormwood

Mike is Matilda’s older brother by five years. He’s not nearly as intelligent as Matilda, and the narrator says that Mike has inherited Mr. Wormwood’s love of crime. Though Mike only appears briefly… read analysis of Michael “Mike” Wormwood


Nigel is a boy in Matilda’s class at Crunchem Hall Primary School. He comes to school already knowing how to read some words. When Miss Trunchbull sits in on Miss Honey’s class the… read analysis of Nigel
Minor Characters
Fred is a boy who lives around the corner from Matilda. He lends Matilda his pet parrot, Chopper, overnight.
Chopper is a parrot who belongs to Matilda’s friend Fred. Matilda borrows Chopper and hides him in the chimney so that when he talks, Mr. Wormwood and Mrs. Wormwood think there’s a ghost in the house.
The Cook
The cook at Crunchem Hall Primary School is old, wrinkly, and expresses no emotion. It’s unclear whether she actually supports Miss Trunchbull’s desire to torment children, or whether like most kids and adults, she’s just too afraid to stand up to her boss.
Miss Trunchbull torments Rupert when she takes over Miss Honey’s class one Thursday afternoon.
Eric Ink
Eric is a student in Matilda’s class whom Miss Trunchbull torments.
Wilfred is the student in Matilda’s class whom Miss Trunchbull is tormenting when Matilda starts to use her power and write on the chalkboard.
Mr. Trilby
Mr. Trilby is initially second in command at Crunchem Hall Primary School. Unlike Miss Trunchbull, he’s “excellent” and he takes over as Head Teacher when Miss Trunchbull disappears.