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Amanda Thripp Character Analysis

Amanda is a little girl who attends Crunchem Hall Primary School. She has beautiful blonde hair that her mother styles in two braids tied with ribbons—a style that Miss Trunchbull happens to detest. To punish Amanda for her hairstyle, Miss Trunchbull throws Amanda into a nearby field by her braids and tells Amanda to have her mother cut the braids off by tomorrow.

Amanda Thripp Quotes in Matilda

The Matilda quotes below are all either spoken by Amanda Thripp or refer to Amanda Thripp. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Adults, Children, and Power Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Puffin Books edition of Matilda published in 2007.
Chapter 8 Quotes

“I have discovered, Miss Honey, during my long career as a teacher that a bad girl is a far more dangerous creature than a bad boy. What’s more, they’re much harder to squash. Squashing a bad girl is like trying to squash a bluebottle. You bang down on it and the darn thing isn’t there. Nasty little things, little girls are.”

Page Number: 85-86
Explanation and Analysis:
Chapter 11 Quotes

“He simply wouldn’t believe you.”

“Of course he would.”

“He wouldn’t,” Matilda said. “And the reason is obvious. Your story would sound too ridiculous to be believed. And that is the Trunchbull’s great secret.”

“What is?” Lavender asked.

Matilda said, “Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable. No parent is going to believe this pigtail story, not in a million years. Mine wouldn’t. They’d call me a liar.”

Related Characters: Matilda Wormwood (speaker), Lavender (speaker), Miss Trunchbull, Amanda Thripp
Page Number: 117
Explanation and Analysis:
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Amanda Thripp Character Timeline in Matilda

The timeline below shows where the character Amanda Thripp appears in Matilda. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 10. Throwing the Hammer
Adults, Children, and Power Theme Icon
Family, Institutions, and Chosen Family Theme Icon
Women, Financial Security, and Ethics Theme Icon
Suddenly, the loud playground goes silent. Miss Trunchbull is striding across the playground, shouting for Amanda Thripp. Hortensia whispers that Amanda has made the mistake of letting her hair grow long,... (full context)
Adults, Children, and Power Theme Icon
Women, Financial Security, and Ethics Theme Icon
The Trunchbull then snatches Amanda by the braids and picks her up, swinging her around by her braids before throwing... (full context)
Chapter 11. Bruce Bogtrotter and the Cake
Family, Institutions, and Chosen Family Theme Icon
...parent will believe a headmistress swung a student by her braids. When Lavender notes that Amanda’s mother will cut Amanda’s braids off, Matilda says that Amanda will cut her own braids.... (full context)