Me Before You


Jojo Moyes

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Lou’s mental state for much of the novel is represented by the maze in the castle above her small hometown. Lou is not often sure of what she should do, or which path to take, and is hesitant to take risks for fear of what might happen to her. Later, the maze becomes a site of trauma for Lou, the location where she was sexually assaulted as a young adult. The maze then represents all of life’s dangers, a place where Lou never goes so that she never has to move outside of her safe zone again. When Will takes Lou back to the maze, Lou’s decision to go into the maze once more shows her desire to finally move past this earlier event and find a new way through life and all of the difficulties that she must face. Lou panics in the middle of the maze, but Will comes to help her out. His assistance shows that how Will gives Lou support, especially in life’s trickier situations. With Will’s help, even after he is gone, Lou can finally get out of the maze of her own fears and move forward into a more fulfilled life.

The Maze Quotes in Me Before You

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Penguin edition of Me Before You published in 2016.
Chapter 17 Quotes

I thought of my parents, my sister with her big new life. Mine was to be the small life, my ambitions the petty ones. I glanced over at the maze, at its dark, dense box hedging. I was being ridiculous. Perhaps I had been behaving ridiculously for years. It was all over, after all. And I was moving on.

Related Characters: Louisa (Lou) Clark (speaker), Will Traynor, Katrina (Treena) Clark
Related Symbols: The Maze
Page Number: 269
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The Maze Symbol Timeline in Me Before You

The timeline below shows where the symbol The Maze appears in Me Before You. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 12
Ambition and Achievement Theme Icon
...friends and some university boys. Lou blows off Treena to go with the boys to the maze in the castle and ends up alone with the boys. Treena finds her half an... (full context)
Ambition and Achievement Theme Icon
Lou and Treena never talked about the night that Treena led Lou out of the maze . Treena led Lou safely home and Lou changed immediately. She cut off her hair,... (full context)
Chapter 14
Ambition and Achievement Theme Icon
Quality of Life Theme Icon
...nightmare with his wheelchair. Trying to lighten the mood, Will suggests that they go to the maze , but Lou refuses. (full context)
Chapter 17
Ambition and Achievement Theme Icon
...things now because of his wheelchair. For a distraction, Will suggests they try to walk the maze , but Lou refuses. Will baits her further and Lou rises to the challenge to... (full context)
Ambition and Achievement Theme Icon
In the maze for the first time in six years, Lou quickly starts to panic. She feels hopelessly... (full context)
Ambition and Achievement Theme Icon
Love and Sacrifice Theme Icon
Quality of Life Theme Icon
Once safely out of the maze , Will asks Lou why she panicked. When Lou can’t answer, Will shares his own... (full context)
Ambition and Achievement Theme Icon
...the castle grounds and Lou thanks Will one final time for leading her out of the maze . (full context)