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Chimeras Symbol Icon
Chimeras are mythical creatures, like griffins and centaurs, that are composed of different animal parts joined together in one body. These parts are sometimes depicted as being in conflict with each other, meaning the animal would be at war with itself. The figure is significant for Medea because she herself is, figuratively, a kind of chimera. She is part human, part divine; part Greek, part barbarian; part mother, part murderer. It is fitting then that chimeras should bear the chariot that will take her to safety in Athens.
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Chimeras Symbol Timeline in Medea

The timeline below shows where the symbol Chimeras appears in Medea. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Lines 1201-1300
Truth vs. Rhetoric Theme Icon
Justice and Natural Law Theme Icon
Medea appears in a flying chariot drawn by chimeras sent by Helios, her grandfather. The notes for the staging don't survive in the manuscript,... (full context)