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A philosopher living in Athens, Greece in the fourth century BC and the primary speaker in Meno. A clever thinker and shrewd conversationalist, Socrates is known for encouraging people to carefully scrutinize their beliefs… read analysis of Socrates


A good-looking young man who belongs to a prominent family in Thessaly. At the time of his dialogue with Socrates, Meno is soon to begin his career as an important politician. For the time… read analysis of Meno

Meno’s Slave

A young man who serves as Meno’s slave and who has spent his entire life with Meno’s family. While Socrates and Meno discuss the nature of virtue, this young man stands by and watches… read analysis of Meno’s Slave


An important Athenian politician who—according to the historical record—fought as a general in the Peloponnesian War, though this detail doesn’t make its way into Meno. Anytus is Meno’s guest when he comes to… read analysis of Anytus


A Sophist known throughout Athens for teaching his pupils to employ fanciful rhetoric in order to provide an answer to any question they might encounter. Meno has studied with Gorgias and learned this style of… read analysis of Gorgias
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