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Pomona Character Analysis

Pomona is the goddess of fruits. She spends her time tending her orchards and rejects all her lovers. One of these lovers, Vertumnus, disguises himself as an old woman and tries to persuade her with stories to accept a lover. When she refuses, Vertumnus transforms back into a human. Just as he is about to rape Pomona, she is captivated by his good looks and willingly accepts him.
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Pomona Character Timeline in Metamorphoses

The timeline below shows where the character Pomona appears in Metamorphoses. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Book 14: Pomona and Vertumnus
Love and Destruction Theme Icon
Gods and Humans Theme Icon
During the reign of one of the kings, Pomona—the goddess of fruits—was a prominent dryad in the region. She was skillful at gardening. Instead... (full context)
Humanity vs. Nature  Theme Icon
Love and Destruction Theme Icon
A god named Vertumnus falls in love with Pomona, but she rejects him. He visits her orchard in different disguises so he can be... (full context)
Book 14: Iphis and Anaxarete
Love and Destruction Theme Icon
To persuade Pomona to accept a lover, Vertumnus, disguised as an old woman, tells her this story: a... (full context)
Love and Destruction Theme Icon
...of what happens to those who have cold hearts. Vertumnus finishes his story by entreating Pomona to accept her lover, but she refuses. Vertumnus changes back into a human, planning to... (full context)