Midnight’s Children

Midnight’s Children


Salman Rushdie

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Aadam Sinai Character Analysis

Parvati-the-witch and Saleem Sinai’s son. Aadam, the biological son of Shiva, Saleem’s arch enemy, is born during Indira Gandhi’s Emergency, after which his mother is killed. Aadam is raised by his ayah, Mary Pereira, and he represents a new generation of Midnight’s Children. This new generation of children, born to the first children of midnight, are an entirely new group of children who, similar to their parents, are endowed with magical powers. The children have the potential to transform postcolonial India into “the third principle,” Saleem’s vision of a way for Indians to overcome “the endless duality of masses-and-classes, capital-and-labor, them-and-us,” finally coming together, united.

Aadam Sinai Quotes in Midnight’s Children

The Midnight’s Children quotes below are all either spoken by Aadam Sinai or refer to Aadam Sinai. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Truth and Storytelling Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Penguin edition of Midnight’s Children published in 1980.
Book 2: At the Pioneer Café Quotes

And while chutney—the same chutney which, back in 1957, my ayah Mary Pereira has made so perfectly; the grasshopper-green chutney which is forever associated with those days—carried them back into the world of my past, while chutney mellowed them and made them receptive, I spoke to them, gently, persuasively, and by a mixture of condiment and oratory kept myself out of the hands of the pernicious green-medicine men. I said: “My son will understand. As much as for any living being, I’m telling my story for him, so that afterwards, when I’ve lost my struggle against the cracks, he will know. Morality, judgement, character…it all starts with memory…and I am keeping carbons.”

Related Characters: Saleem Sinai (speaker), Mary Pereira, Padma, Aadam Sinai
Related Symbols: Pickles
Page Number: 241
Explanation and Analysis:
Book 3: Midnight Quotes

[T]he Emergency had a black part as well as a white, and here is the secret which has lain concealed for too long beneath the mask of those stifled days: the truest, deepest motive behind the declaration of a State of Emergency was the smashing, the pulverizing, the irreversible discombobulation of the children of midnight. (Whose Conference had, of course, been disbanded years before; but the mere possibility of our reunification was enough to trigger off the red alert.)

Related Characters: Saleem Sinai (speaker), Aadam Sinai, The Widow / Indira Gandhi
Page Number: 492
Explanation and Analysis:
Book 3: Abracadabra Quotes

I understood once again that Aadam was a member of a second generation of magical children who would grow up far tougher than the first, not looking for their fate in prophecy or stars, but forging it in the implacable furnaces of their wills.

Related Characters: Saleem Sinai (speaker), Aadam Sinai
Page Number: 515
Explanation and Analysis:
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Aadam Sinai Character Timeline in Midnight’s Children

The timeline below shows where the character Aadam Sinai appears in Midnight’s Children. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Book 3: A Wedding
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
...1975, just as Indira Gandhi is declaring a state of emergency, Parvati gives birth to Aadam Sinai , a perfectly formed baby—with the exception of a pair of “colossally huge” ears. Like... (full context)
Book 3: Midnight
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
...continues in the winter of 1975-6, in the middle of Mrs. Gandhi’s Emergency, where young Aadam Sinai is sick with tuberculosis. There is “something darkly metaphorical” about his illness, and Saleem knows... (full context)
Book 3: Abracadabra
Sex and Gender Theme Icon
...imprisonment, he returns to the magicians’ ghetto and finds Picture Singh there with his son, Aadam Sinai . Under the care of Durga, a local washerwoman, Aadam has been nursed back to... (full context)
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
Young Aadam Sinai , at less than two years old, requires “perpetual attention” from Saleem, and he keeps... (full context)
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
...snake-charmer in Bombay, and he convinces Saleem to return to the city with him and Aadam Sinai in search of the famous snake-charmer. Saleem agrees, and he is soon on his way... (full context)
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
Saleem and Picture Singh arrive at the Metro Cub Club with Aadam Sinai , in search of Picture Singh’s famous competition. They are led to a backroom by... (full context)
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
As Saleem visits with Mary, Aadam Sinai finally utters his first word: “Abracadabra.” Saleem decides to stay on at the factory with... (full context)
British Colonialism and Postcolonialism Theme Icon
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
Fragments and Partitioning Theme Icon
...where he crumbles into six hundred million pieces of dust and is trampled on by Aadam Sinai and the other guests. (full context)