Midnight’s Children

Midnight’s Children


Salman Rushdie

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A young Hindu boy who makes a living pushing a peepshow through the streets of Agra. Lafifa is rescued by Amina Sinai when she stops an angry mob of Muslims from attacking him by announcing her pregnancy with Saleem. Lafifa repays her with the promise of a prophecy for her unborn child by his cousin, Shri Ramram Seth.

Lafifa Das Quotes in Midnight’s Children

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Book 1: A Public Announcement Quotes

“See the whole world, come see everything!” The hyperbolic formula began, after a time, to prey upon his mind; more and more picture postcards went into his peepshow as he tried, desperately, to deliver what he promised, to put everything into his box. (I am suddenly reminded of Nadir Khan’s friend the painter: is this an Indian disease, this urge to encapsulate the whole of reality? Worse: am I infected, too?)

Related Characters: Saleem Sinai (speaker), Nadir Khan / Qasim Khan, Lafifa Das
Page Number: 82
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