Midnight’s Children

Midnight’s Children


Salman Rushdie

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Traditionally speaking, an ayah is a native nursemaid employed by Europeans in India. Throughout Midnight’s Children, protagonist Saleem Sinai repeatedly refers to his nanny, Mary Pereira, as his ayah. Rushdie’s use of this… read analysis of Ayah


A hartal is a peaceful mass protest meant to appeal to a government to reverse or eliminate controversial rulings or laws, and it often leads to the total shutdown of businesses, schools, and associated governments… read analysis of Hartal


Purdah is the practice of certain Muslim and Hindu women to separate themselves from men in society by living behind a curtain or veil in their homes, and by wearing clothing that covers their faces… read analysis of Purdah


Ahmed Sinai’s business partner, Dr. Narlikar, encourages Ahmed to invest in and build tetrapods, elevated physical structures held above the sea by four legs. Narlikar’s tetrapods effectively reclaim land from the sea through… read analysis of Tetrapod