Miss Brill


Katherine Mansfield

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Miss Brill

The protagonist of the story, which is named after her. She is an unmarried woman – a spinster according to the time and culture the story depicts – who works as a teacher as well… read analysis of Miss Brill

Ermine toque and Gentleman in grey

Ermine is a type of white fur and a toque is a type of woman’s hat. Miss Brill identifies the woman by nothing more than her clothes, thus placing utmost importance on this aspect because… read analysis of Ermine toque and Gentleman in grey

Fine old man and big old woman

This pair sits near Miss Brill on the stands, though they do not talk to each other and so Miss Brill has no one to listen to. They are dressed nicely and elegantly, but, just… read analysis of Fine old man and big old woman
Minor Characters
Boy and Girl
Two young adults. They are a well-dressed couple that sit near Miss Brill and quickly and loudly state that they wish Miss Brill wasn’t there. They then make fun of Miss Brill’s fur coat, and call her a “fried whiting.”
Old Man
Miss Brill reads to this man four days a week from the newspaper, but he hardly notices her presence, and does not seem to be listening.
Englishman and his wife
A couple on whom Miss Brill eavesdropped the week before. They argued over spectacles (i.e. eyeglasses), because the wife refused every option available to her. Miss Brill was so frustrated by the wife’s ridiculous behavior that she wished to shake her.