Miss Julie


August Strindberg

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Miss Julie

The title character of Miss Julie, Miss Julie is the hot-blooded and unpredictable daughter of the Count, and the mistress of both Jean and Christine. According to August Strindberg in his Preface… read analysis of Miss Julie


If Miss Julie is an embodiment of the degeneracy of European aristocracy, then Jean, Miss Julie’s valet, is the embodiment of the “new man,” who is able to make his way up the ranks of… read analysis of Jean


Christine is the cook on the Count’s estate and Jean’s lover. In contrast to Julie, Christine models conventional, nurturing femininity, cooking and comforting Jean even when he is cold or distant. Christine is a… read analysis of Christine

Julie’s Mother

Though she doesn’t appear in the play, Miss Julie’s mother set Miss Julie up for failure (according to Strindberg) by teaching her about female equality and raising her without gender or the skills needed… read analysis of Julie’s Mother

The Count

Although he doesn’t appear onstage during the play, the Count is manifested in the play in other ways: his large pair of boots sits on the chair, and late in the play the shrill double-ringing… read analysis of The Count
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