Mrs. Warren’s Profession


George Bernard Shaw

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Mrs. Warren’s Profession Characters

Vivie Warren

A clever, well-educated, serious-minded, and ambitious woman of twenty-two, Vivie Warren has been raised away from her mother in boarding schools and foster homes, while receiving the best education money can buy. Having recently finished… read analysis of Vivie Warren

Kitty Warren (Mrs. Warren)

A former prostitute and current brothel owner, Kitty Warren is Vivie’s mother. Now middle-aged, she dresses in flashy clothing and leads a sedentary life of luxury that has left her out-of-shape. Mrs. Warren grew… read analysis of Kitty Warren (Mrs. Warren)

Frank Gardner

A handsome, clever, foppish man of twenty, Frank Gardner hopes to marry a rich woman and lead a life of luxury. He has already spent all the money given to him by his father, a… read analysis of Frank Gardner


A self-professed artist, the middle-aged Praed is an old friend of Mrs. Warren’s who claims to know nothing about her business. He believes that art and romance are the most important values in the… read analysis of Praed

Sir George Crofts

A rich aristocrat and heavy-drinking playboy, Sir George Crofts sees that the world caters to people like him and feels no qualms about taking what he can get. He invested forty-thousand pounds in Mrs. Warrenread analysis of Sir George Crofts
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Reverend Sam Gardner

A man unsuited for the church, the Reverend Sam Gardner was pushed into his profession by a father who saw that he was not going to excel at anything else. Because he lived a wild… read analysis of Reverend Sam Gardner


An attractive and practical woman, Liz left a life of poverty to become a prostitute, later setting up a chain of brothels with her sister, Kitty Warren. Unlike her sister, she has the manners… read analysis of Liz
Minor Characters
Honoria Fraser
Vivie’s friend from college and future business partner.
Mrs. Gardner
Reverend Sam Gardner’s wife and Frank’s mother, who is scandalized by her husband’s past association with Mrs. Warren.