Nervous Conditions


Tsitsi Dangarembga

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A traditional Zimbabwean porridge, often made from cornmeal. It's a staple food that is eaten with nearly every meal, and can be made with other grains as the need arises.
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Sadza Term Timeline in Nervous Conditions

The timeline below shows where the term Sadza appears in Nervous Conditions. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter One
Men vs. Women Theme Icon
Without a chicken to kill, Tambu turns to preparing the evening meal of sadza and vegetables. Netsai brings Tambu out of her reverie by asking what's wrong. Tambu doesn't... (full context)
Chapter Three
Men vs. Women Theme Icon
Obedience vs. Independence Theme Icon makes her feel utilitarian and useful. She and the women cook ten gallons of sadza and a small pot of rice on Maiguru's Dover stove for Babamukuru. The women dish... (full context)
Chapter Five
Obedience vs. Independence Theme Icon
...and fork. After a few minutes, Maiguru rings a bell and asks Anna to bring sadza and a spoon for Tambu. Tambu finds all of this embarrassing. (full context)