William Gibson

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Henry Dorsett Case

Case, referred to almost exclusively by his last name, is a former console cowboy, born and raised in the Sprawl, but now living in Chiba. Case looks out for himself and his… read analysis of Henry Dorsett Case

Linda Lee

A twenty-year old woman from the Sprawl, who lives in Chiba, where she meets Case. The two date, and Case, a drug addict, hooks Linda on drugs, which she continues to use… read analysis of Linda Lee


A bodyguard, razorgirl, and hit man for hire, Molly works for Armitage. She has extensively surgically modified her body. She has razorblades that extend from her nails, a rewired predator’s nervous system, and… read analysis of Molly

Armitage / Corto

Armitage and Corto are two personalities who share the same body. The man was originally Colonel Willis Corto, a soldier in the last major World War. Corto was crippled in Screaming Fist, during which… read analysis of Armitage / Corto


One of the Tessier-Ashpool family’s twin AIs, whose processors are based in Berne, Switzerland. Wintermute, like Neuromancer, is like a single lobe of a human brain—capable of incredible thought, but also heavily functionally restricted… read analysis of Wintermute
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Neuromancer / Rio

One of the Tessier-Ashpool family’s twin AIs, whose processors are based in Rio, Brazil (which is why Neuromancer is occasionally called Rio). Neuromancer, like its twin Wintermute, is like a single lobe of a… read analysis of Neuromancer / Rio


A psychopath and drug addict, Riviera cares only about himself, and finds pleasure only in inflicting pain—physical or psychological. Case describes Riviera as beautiful, modified by plastic surgery that renders him stunning and ageless. Riviera… read analysis of Riviera

McCoy “Dixie” “Flatline” Pauley

A console cowboy and former friend of Case’s. In the text he is referred to alternately by his first name, last name, and both of his middle names. He is nicknamed Flatline because he… read analysis of McCoy “Dixie” “Flatline” Pauley

Lady 3Jane Marie-France Tessier-Ashpool

The cloned daughter of Marie-France and Ashpool. 3Jane, her father, and her biological cloned brother 8Jean are the only conscious members of their family in the Villa Straylight (the rest are frozen in cryogenic… read analysis of Lady 3Jane Marie-France Tessier-Ashpool


The matriarch of the Tessier-Ashpool clan, wife of Ashpool, mother of the original Jane and Jean, and genetic mother of 3Jane and 8Jean. Marie-France had great ambitions for her family. She commissioned the… read analysis of Marie-France


The patriarch of the Tessier-Ashpool clan, husband of Marie-France, father of the original Jean and Jane, and genetic father of 8Jean and 3Jane. Technically over 200 years old, he’s spent much of his… read analysis of Ashpool


The bartender at the Chatsubo in Chiba. A Russian ex-pat, Ratz has one military-grade prosthetic arm. Although he lives in the surgery capital of the world, Ratz is almost proud of his purely functional… read analysis of Ratz


A black-market supplier who lives and works in Chiba. Case often works for him, but begins the novel worried that Wage will kill him because he owes Wage money. Wage does confront Case in… read analysis of Wage

Julius “Julie” Deane

A supplier and trafficker based in Chiba. Deane is 135 years old, but remains youthful through an intense regimen of serums and surgery. Deane cares about himself and his bottom line, but has little… read analysis of Julius “Julie” Deane

The Finn

A fence based in Manhattan who works with Molly, Case, and Armitage. Molly and the Finn meet secretly behind Armitage’s back to research their suspicious employer, but the Finn also works installing… read analysis of The Finn


A pilot and Zionite. Maelcum pilots the Marcus Garvey, a ship on which Case has set up his deck, and where he jacks into cyberspace during the attack on Villa Straylightread analysis of Maelcum


A clone and member of the Tessier-Ashpool family. His father is Ashpool, his mother Marie-France, and his biological sister is 3Jane. 8Jean is one of three members of the family awake during… read analysis of 8Jean


Molly’s ex-boyfriend. Johnny worked as a human “stash,” storing sensitive data inside of his brain for high-powered, often criminal employers. However, he started blackmailing his employers with the traces of data they left behind… read analysis of Johnny
Minor Characters
Lonny Zone
A pimp who lives and works in Chiba.
Lupus Yonderboy
The leader of the Panther Moderns.
A member of the Turkish secret-police and a one-time collaborator with Armitage, Case, the Finn, and Molly. He helps them track down Riviera, but later turns the group over to the Turing Police.
A pilot and Zionite.
A young woman in Freeside. She and her partner Bruce supply Case with drugs. She is sexually and/or romantically interested in Case, but he rebuffs her advances.
A young man in Freeside. He and his partner Cath supply Case with drugs.
One of Case’s ex girlfriends, with whom he lived one summer when he was fifteen.
Marlene’s on-again off-again boyfriend.
A cloned ninja assassin who works for the Tessier-Ashpool family. Hideo is incredibly deadly, incredibly efficient, and incredibly loyal.
Three French Teenagers
Three teens who are in fact Michéle, Roland, and PierreTuring Police in disguise.
A member of the Turing Police. Killed by Wintermute after she tries to arrest Case. Initially disguised as one of the three French teenagers.
A member of the Turing Police. Killed by Wintermute after he tries to arrest Case. Initially disguised as one of the three French teenagers.
A member of the Turing Police. Killed by Wintermute after he tries to arrest Case. Initially disguised as one of the three French teenagers.
A burglar who stole the Tessier-Ashpool family’s automaton head and sold it to Smith. Murdered by Hideo in retaliation.
A dealer and friend of the Finn’s. He acquired the Tessier-Ashpool’s automaton head from Jimmy, but was forced to return it to Hideo before he could rehome it with a collector.
Founders of Zion
Also referred to as the Elders of Zion. Although only two have survived, there were originally five, all of whom had been Rastafarians and construction workers on Freeside, who defected and decided to build their own colony.
One of Ratz’s employees at the Chat.
A young man who Molly goes to see in order to get in touch with the Panther Moderns.