No Sugar

No Sugar


Jack Davis

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Government Well Aboriginal Reserve

A settlement in southwestern Australia where the Millimurra-Munday family lives at the beginning of the play. It is adjacent to the town of Northam. read analysis of Government Well Aboriginal Reserve

Moore River Native Settlement

A settlement in southwestern Australia where the Millimurra-Munday family is relocated midway through the play. The Moore River Settlement was a kind of internment camp for Aboriginal Australians. It was not merely a place for… read analysis of Moore River Native Settlement

Long Pool Camp

The specific camp within the Moore River Native Settlement where the Millimurra-Munday family has made their home. read analysis of Long Pool Camp


Both the language spoken by the Millimurra-Munday family, and the Aboriginal cultural group to which they belong. read analysis of Nyoongah


The word for “south” or “southern” in Nyoongah. read analysis of Kargudda
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An Aboriginal community indigenous to the Northwestern part of the country. read analysis of Oombulgari


A one hundred-year anniversary. read analysis of Centenary


A contagious condition caused by mites burrowing under the skin. It causes itching and rashes. It is highly contagious among people who have close physical contact with one another. read analysis of Scabies


The Nyoongah word for white people, along with gudeeah. read analysis of Wetjalas


A Nyoongah word for white people, along with wetjala. read analysis of Gudeeah


A slang word for an Aboriginal person. read analysis of Blackfella


A traditional Australian bread. It is made simply, using only flour and water, but milk and baking soda can be added. Often cooked by travelers or campers, it is often made in the ashes of… read analysis of Damper


A city on Australia’s western coast, and the capital of the state of Western Australia. read analysis of Perth


A city in southwestern Australia. The Millimurra-Munday family lives on the Government Well Aboriginal Reserve, which is adjacent to the city. read analysis of Northam

Black Tracker

Historically, this term referred to Aboriginal men and women who helped British colonists navigate and exploit Australia’s unfamiliar landscape. Black trackers would also often align themselves with the British, sometimes forming informal or official police… read analysis of Black Tracker

Oombulgarri Massacre

Also known as the Forrest River Massacre, this was a historical massacre of the Oombulgarri people in northwestern Australia. Billy recounts a version of this story, in which he says a white man, Midja Georgeread analysis of Oombulgarri Massacre

Cat-o’-nine Tails

An especially painful kind of whip, in which a handle is attached to nine knotted pieces of cotton rope. read analysis of Cat-o’-nine Tails


An Australian-Aboriginal ceremony involving music and dance. In the play, participants play the clapsticks and digeridoo, and paint themselves with wilgi paint, in patterns representing stories and folklore. read analysis of Corroboree


Handheld wooden percussive instruments invented and played by Aboriginal Australians. read analysis of Clapsticks


A monitor lizard—a large Australian reptile. read analysis of Bungarra


A wooden wind instrument invented and played by Aboriginal Australians. read analysis of Digeridoo


Special body paint used for Aboriginal ceremonies. read analysis of Wilgi