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Oombulgarri Massacre Term Analysis

Also known as the Forrest River Massacre, this was a historical massacre of the Oombulgarri people in northwestern Australia. Billy recounts a version of this story, in which he says a white man, Midja George, attacked a sleeping Aboriginal man, who killed Midja George in self-defense. The white residents of the nearby town retaliated, killing dozens of Aboriginal men, women and children.
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Oombulgarri Massacre Term Timeline in No Sugar

The timeline below shows where the term Oombulgarri Massacre appears in No Sugar. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 2, Scene 6
Racism, Discrimination, and Colonial Violence  Theme Icon
Government, Civilization, and Religion Theme Icon
Billy is quiet for am moment and then tells the story of the Oombulgarri Massacre of 1926. A white man, Midja George, saw an Aboriginal man sleeping near the river,... (full context)
Act 4, Scene 9
Racism, Discrimination, and Colonial Violence  Theme Icon
White Australians vs. the Aboriginal Family Unit Theme Icon
Billy tells Joe to watch out for Mary, as she is still an Oomboolgari girl even though she has married into a Kargudda family. Billy gives Joe his whip... (full context)