Our Town


Thornton Wilder

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Stage Manager

The stage manager begins and concludes the play, and coordinates it throughout all three acts. He is both part of the world of Grover’s Corners and outside of it: he describes himself as a resident… read analysis of Stage Manager

Dr. Gibbs

The father of George and Rebecca, husband of Mrs. Gibbs, and head of the Gibbs household. He is a kind and loving husband and father, though he prevents Mrs. Gibbs from even considering… read analysis of Dr. Gibbs

Joe Crowell

Joe delivers the Grover’s Corners Sentinel to townspeople’s doors. He appears in Act One and in Emily’s flashback in Act Three. The stage manager informs the audience that Joe graduated at the top of his… read analysis of Joe Crowell

Mrs. Gibbs

Mrs. Gibbs is a loving wife and mother, who works tirelessly to raise her two children, keep the house clean, prepare meals, do laundry, and carry out other household tasks. She seems happy in her… read analysis of Mrs. Gibbs

Mrs. Webb

The mother of Emily and Wally, Mrs. Webb is in many ways similar to Mrs. Gibbs—a similarity underscored by the way they prepare breakfast simultaneously in their two homes in acts one and… read analysis of Mrs. Webb
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George Gibbs

George is one of the main characters of the play. We see him as a young man, a (still young) groom, and a grieving husband who has lost his wife Emily. George is kind… read analysis of George Gibbs

Emily Webb

Emily is an intelligent, innocent young girl. She helps George with his homework in Act One and is upfront and honest with him about his conceited behavior in Act Two, which confirms for George how… read analysis of Emily Webb

Mrs. Soames

Mrs. Soames sings in the church choir with Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Gibbs. She attends the wedding of George and Emily and remarks on how lovely the wedding ceremony is. In Act Three, she… read analysis of Mrs. Soames
Minor Characters
Howie Newsome
Howie is the town milkman, who delivers milk to people’s doors. He appears in all three acts of the play, and his repeated routine emphasizes the continuity of life in Grover’s Corners over time.
Rebecca Gibbs
Rebecca Gibbs is George’s younger sister.
Wally Webb
Wally is Emily’s younger brother. He has a minor role in the play and, in Act Three, we learn that he died at a young age of a burst appendix.
Professor Willard
The stage manager invites Professor Willard, from the state university, onto the stage in Act One to give the audience more information about Grover's Corners.
Mr. Webb
Mr. Webb is the father of Emily and Wally, and the husband of Mrs. Webb. He works in town as the editor of the Grover’s Corners Sentinel, the local newspaper.
Woman in the balcony, man in the auditorium, and lady in the box
These three members of the audience ask Mr. Webb questions about Grover’s Corners in Act One.
Simon Stimson
The director of the church choir, and a drunk, Simon is cause for gossip and concern among the townspeople of Grover’s Corners. He reappears in Act Three after he dies (from suicide), along with other deceased characters.
Constable Warren
A policeman of Grover’s Corners, who appears occasionally and helps characterize Grover’s Corners as a small, relatively uneventful town.
Si Crowell
Joe Crowell’s younger brother, Si delivers the newspaper in Act Two. He demonstrates the interplay of change and continuity in Grover’s Corners. A young boy delivers the paper, as always, but the specific boy who carries out the routine changes.
Baseball Players
The baseball players appear during George and Emily’s wedding to tease George. They symbolize the innocent existence of childhood that George leaves behind when he marries Emily.
Sam Craig
Mrs. Gibbs’ nephew, who grew up in Grover’s Corners but then left. He returns to town in Act Three for Emily’s funeral.
Joe Stoddard
The town undertaker, who prepares for Emily’s funeral in Act Three.