Out of the Silent Planet


C. S. Lewis

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Out of the Silent Planet Characters

Dr. Elwin Ransom

The protagonist of the novel, Ransom is a philologist don (linguistics professor) at Cambridge taking a gap year to walk through the English countryside. He is captured by Weston and Devine, then used as… read analysis of Dr. Elwin Ransom

Dr. Weston

A renowned physicist and man of science who organizes the mission to Mars (Malacandra) and seeks to eliminate the “savage” beings he finds there so that humanity can colonize Mars and have another planet to… read analysis of Dr. Weston

Dick Devine

A businessman who works with Dr. Weston and an old schoolmate of Ransom’s, Devine is motivated only by greed and hopes to settle Mars (Malacandra) so that humans can take advantage of the deposits… read analysis of Dick Devine


Ransom’s first friend among the hrossa, an intelligent seal-like species on Malacandra. Like all hrossa, Hyoi deeply appreciates poetry and beauty, introducing Ransom to the hrossan ideal of death as the welcome completion of… read analysis of Hyoi


The specific oyarsa (guardian spirit) of Malacandra and the greatest of the spiritual beings known as eldila, roughly analogous to angels on Earth. Oyarsa appears to Ransom as a being of pure light. Oyarsa is… read analysis of Oyarsa
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One of the pfifltriggi, a species on Malacandra that enjoys craftsmanship and stone work. Kanakaberaka carves Ransom’s portrait before Ransom meets Oyarsa, showing the idealization of this story that will be told after… read analysis of Kanakaberaka

The Old One

The supreme ruler and creator of the universe in Malacandran theology. The Old One does not have a corporeal body but lives everywhere in the heavens and watches over every living thing through his deputies… read analysis of The Old One

Maleldil the Young

The partner of the Old One, who helped create the world and lives with the Old One through the entire universe. Maleldil stands for all that is good, and his orders are in the… read analysis of Maleldil the Young
Minor Characters
An older hross who helps Ransom learn the language of the hrossa.
One of the sorns, the most scientifically-minded species on Malacandra, who helps Ransom continue his journey to answer the summons of Oyarsa.
A “cub” (young hross) who first explains the eldila to Ransom.
A hross who goes on the hnakra hunt with Hyoi and Ransom.
A hross who works for Oyarsa on the island of Meldilorn.
The Bent One
The name given to the oyarsa of Earth after this oyarsa rebels against the Old One and Maleldil and hopes to turn the humans of Earth towards evil. Roughly analogous to the Christian concept of Satan.
Lewis (The Narrator)
A version of the author C.S. Lewis himself, who is a student of Dr. Ransom’s in the story and helps Ransom publish his adventure once Ransom returns from Malacandra.
A young boy in England who does odd jobs for Devine, and is originally intended to be the sacrifice to the sorns before Ransom appears.