Paul’s Case


Willa Cather

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The English Teacher Character Analysis

One of Paul’s teachers at school, this teacher is particularly angry about what she sees as Paul’s impertinence—she feels personally offended by Paul’s seemingly physical aversion to her, and she leads the attack against him in the suspension hearing. Although Paul tries to forget about her after he leaves school, the fact that she shows up to Carnegie Hall, where he is ushering, underlines the difficulties Paul has in containing and separating his two lives and identities from one another.
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The English Teacher Character Timeline in Paul’s Case

The timeline below shows where the character The English Teacher appears in Paul’s Case. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1
Alienation and Homosexuality Theme Icon
...teachers: he never pays attention, whether he ignores them or jokily disrupts the class. His English teacher in particular feels personally aggrieved by his attitude, and in the meeting she leads the... (full context)
Art and Artificiality vs. Reality  Theme Icon
Alienation and Homosexuality Theme Icon
...a great party. At one point his mood is dampened by the arrival of his English teacher , whom he decides must have had tickets sent to her as a favor, since... (full context)