Paul’s Case


Willa Cather

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The Yale Freshman Character Analysis

A boy from San Francisco whom Paul meets in New York, described as “wild.” The two boys share a late night out on the town together. This is another male character who, it’s implied, might have a more than friendly relationship with Paul; at the very least the shifting register in their relationship, from warm and friendly at the start to cool when they say goodbye, suggests a certain level of uncertainty or ambiguity in their brief relationship.
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The Yale Freshman Character Timeline in Paul’s Case

The timeline below shows where the character The Yale Freshman appears in Paul’s Case. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2
Alienation and Homosexuality Theme Icon
On Sunday Paul “[falls] in with” a wild San Francisco Yale freshman who offers to show him the town. They go to dinner, immediately drawn to each... (full context)