C. S. Lewis

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Dr. Elwin Ransom

Ransom, the protagonist of the novel and one of Lewis’s close friends, is a middle-aged Cambridge professor of philology. As a young man, Ransom fought and was wounded in World War I. More recently… read analysis of Dr. Elwin Ransom

Professor Weston/Weston’s Body/The Un-man

Weston, an accomplished Cambridge physicist in his 50s, is the antagonist of the novel and Ransom’s nemesis. He is an arrogant man who is most at home while lecturing uninterrupted in a Cambridge classroom… read analysis of Professor Weston/Weston’s Body/The Un-man

The Green Lady/The Queen/Tinidril

The Green Lady is the first rational creature whom Ransom meets on Perelandra; she is the biblical Eve figure of that world. Though she looks just like a human being (with the exception of… read analysis of The Green Lady/The Queen/Tinidril


In the language of Old Solar, “Maleldil” refers to God, or Christ. Maleldil does not appear personally in the story, but his presence is felt everywhere. Maleldil reigns over all planets, not just Earth, though… read analysis of Maleldil

The King/Tor

The King is the Green Lady’s husband and Perelandra’s biblical Adam figure. Although he is renowned as the wisest being on Perelandra, he does not appear in the story until its very end… read analysis of The King/Tor
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Lewis, a version of author C. S. Lewis himself, narrates the story and mainly appears as a character in the novel’s opening chapters. A fellow academic, he is a close, trusted friend of Ransom’s… read analysis of Lewis
Minor Characters
Humphrey is Ransom’s trusted doctor who, along with Lewis, awaits Ransom’s return from Perelandra and then releases him from the capsule in which he traveled.