C. S. Lewis

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The eldila are interplanetary creatures that do not have bodies (at least not discernible to the human eye) and do not eat, reproduce, breathe, or die. Their spatial location is hard to pinpoint, and they… read analysis of Eldila/Eldils


An Oyarsa is the head eldila that rules over a planet. read analysis of Oyarsa


Malacandra is the planet Mars, which Ransom previously visited. It was there that he first encountered his nemesis, Weston. read analysis of Malacandra


Perelandra, or the planet Venus, is the perfectly innocent planet where the bulk of the novel takes place. Ransom is meant to save the planet from corruption by keeping Weston from tempting the Green Ladyread analysis of Perelandra

Deep Heaven

Deep Heaven is outer space and the home of the eldila. Weston admits that he’s been taken over by a demonic being when he mentions having been to Deep Heaven before. read analysis of Deep Heaven
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Field of Arbol

The Field of Arbol is the solar system. read analysis of Field of Arbol


Thulcandra is planet Earth. It is known as the “silent planet” because it has been occupied by dark eldila for centuries and has therefore been isolated from the other planets. read analysis of Thulcandra