Marjane Satrapi

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The veil is an extremely vital piece of clothing to Marjane’s identity, not because she feels pious and wants to wear it and thus asserts it as part of herself, but instead because she doesn’t(read full symbol analysis)

Bread Swan

Marjane receives her two bread swans from Anoosh, her uncle who spends much of his life hiding in Moscow from the regime of the Shah or imprisoned by it, and who, shortly after his… (read full symbol analysis)

Plastic Key Painted Gold

The plastic key painted gold is a beautiful object from the outside. Mrs. Nasrine’s son is given the key by his teachers at school, to represent the “beautiful” idea that if he were to die… (read full symbol analysis)


When Marjane reaches her teenage years, she smokes a cigarette in order to rebel against her mother’s strict rule. Marjane skips school in order to buy an illegal hamburger, and when she returns her mother… (read full symbol analysis)