Peter Pan

Peter Pan

a magical, arrogant boy who will never grow up. Many parents look at their children and wish, along with Mrs. Darling: “Oh, why can’t you remain like this forever!” And many children look at… (read full character analysis)


The eldest Darling child, a “tidy,” practical girl with a soft spot in her heart for orphaned or abandoned creatures. From an early age, Wendy seems naturally disposed to care for others. When the lost… (read full character analysis)

Captain Jas. Hook

The pirates’ fearsome leader. When we first meet Hook, he is a classic storybook villain: evil, hairy, and merciless, cruel even to his own crew. He despises Peter and the other children, and dreams… (read full character analysis)

Mrs. Darling

The children’s mother, and the narrator’s favorite, Mrs. Darling is a lovely, cheerful woman with a mysterious “kiss” in the corner of her mouth, like some leftover childhood magic. She adores her children… (read full character analysis)

Mr. Darling

A fussy, responsible family man. In the beginning of the story, Mr. Darling is always very practical, concerned primarily with money and keeping up appearances. Though he is sometimes childish and insecure, he demands respect… (read full character analysis)
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The middle Darling child. John tends to be cautious and conservative, a little ill-tempered, and sometimes cowardly. Wendy tells us that he “despises” girls, and he somewhat resents Peter for his kingly manner. In some… (read full character analysis)

Tinker Bell

A tiny fairy companion to Peter Pan, a beautiful girl with a voice like a bell and a very sharp tongue. She fixes kitchenware and loves Peter jealously and intensely. She despises any girl… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
The youngest Darling child, dreamy, sweet, sleepy, and forgetful. He takes to the magic of Neverland more easily than John, because he hasn’t been shaped as much by ordinary adult society. He adores his mother but quickly forgets her.
The Darlings’ dog, also a proud and conscientious nurse.
The gentlest of all the lost boys, who has the misfortune of accidentally shooting Wendy.
A light-hearted lost boy.
A lost boy who always pretends to remember life on earth.
A lost boy who tends to get into trouble.
The Twins
Identical lost boys. Peter does not understand why they look alike, so they always feel self-conscious.
Smee and the pirates
Smee is the gentlest pirate; the rest are stupid, bloodthirsty, and generally loyal to their captain.
Princess Tiger Lily
The beautiful young queen of the lost boy tribe.
The daughter of Wendy after Wendy grows up.
The daughter of Jane after Jane grows up.