Pride and Prejudice


Jane Austen

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Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 39 Summary & Analysis

On their way to Longbourn, Elizabeth and Jane are met by Kitty and Lydia, who talk constantly about the soldiers. Lydia tells them the regiment will soon leave for Brighton, and that she hopes to convince their parents to take everyone there for the summer. Lydia adds, with delight, that the girl Wickham was pursuing has left town, leaving Wickham available.
Lydia is completely blind to the reality of Wickham's situation. Like Elizabeth, she doesn't care about marrying for money. But she also doesn't seem to care about marrying for love. She just seems to be "boy crazy."
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When they arrive home, Mr. Bennet is glad to see Elizabeth and Jane, Mrs. Bennet wants to hear about the latest fashions, and Kitty and Lydia want to walk to Meryton to see the officers. To avoid seeing Wickham, Elizabeth chooses not to accompany them.
A portrait of the Bennet family's different interests. Elizabeth's desire to avoid Wickham highlights her own embarrassment for being wrong about him.
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