Private Peaceful


Michael Morpurgo

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Anna’s Father Character Analysis

Anna’s father is the owner of the estaminet (pub) near the soldiers’ camp. When Tommo can’t find Anna, he goes to her house, where her father somberly explains that she has been killed while gathering eggs. Anna’s father is normally a well-presented and jolly man, but when Tommo meets him after Anna’s death, he smells of alcohol and looks completely unkempt in his grief. He then shouts at Tommo, telling him to go to hell and to take the war with him. He is not normally an angry man, but the war and his daughter’s resulting death have left him distraught.
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Anna’s Father Character Timeline in Private Peaceful

The timeline below shows where the character Anna’s Father appears in Private Peaceful. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 11: Nearly Four O’Clock
The Injustice of War Theme Icon
Grief, Guilt, and Family Theme Icon
Religion and Faith Theme Icon
...find her anywhere, so he goes to her house. When the door opens, Tommo finds Anna’s father , the owner of the estaminet, looking like a shadow of his former self. He... (full context)