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Kratos (Might) Character Analysis

Zeus’s servant and the personification of Zeus’s will. Along with Bia, Kratos takes Prometheus and Hephaistos to the top of the Scythian mountains so that Hephaistos can chain Prometheus to the mountain as punishment for giving fire to humankind. Kratos exists within the play to exact Zeus’s punishment against Prometheus and threaten the wrath of Zeus’s power and anger. He lives to induce fear and misery, and everything he does is in service of Zeus. In this way, Kratos is merely an extension of Zeus and has no will of his own to act on. Like every other character in the play, Kratos is not free but is imprisoned by Zeus. Unlike many of the other characters, however, it is implied that Kratos is happy to do Zeus’s bidding, and if he had a will of his own, it would entail similar actions.

Kratos (Might) Quotes in Prometheus Bound

The Prometheus Bound quotes below are all either spoken by Kratos (Might) or refer to Kratos (Might). For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Power vs. Reason Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the New York Review Books edition of Prometheus Bound published in 2015.
Prometheus Bound Quotes

We have arrived at the far limit of the world.
These are the Scythian mountains, desolate and vast.
Hephaistos, you must carry out the Father’s will
and bind the criminal to this steep looming rock
with chains of adamant, unbreakable.
It was your flower he stole, the bright and dancing fire,
and gave its wonderworking power to mortals.
This is the crime for which he now must pay
the price to all the gods, that he may learn
to love the tyranny of Zeus
and quit his friendship with the human race.

Related Characters: Kratos (Might) (speaker), Prometheus, Zeus, Hephaistos, Bia (Force)
Related Symbols: Fire, Chains
Page Number: 5
Explanation and Analysis:

Go play the rebel now, go plunder the gods’ treasure
and give it to your creatures of a day.
What portion of your pain can mortals spare you?
The gods who named you the Forethinker were mistaken.
You’ll need forethought beyond your reckoning
to wriggle your way out of this device.

Related Characters: Kratos (Might) (speaker), Prometheus, Themis
Page Number: 11
Explanation and Analysis:
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Kratos (Might) Character Timeline in Prometheus Bound

The timeline below shows where the character Kratos (Might) appears in Prometheus Bound. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Prometheus Bound
Power vs. Reason Theme Icon
Freedom and Confinement Theme Icon
Kratos and Bia, the servants of Zeus, arrive at the top of the Scythian mountains, the... (full context)
Power vs. Reason Theme Icon
Suffering, Compassion, and Hope Theme Icon
“Why hold back now?” Kratos asks a hesitant Hephaistos. “What’s all this foolish pity?” Kratos can’t understand why Hephaistos doesn’t... (full context)
Power vs. Reason Theme Icon
Suffering, Compassion, and Hope Theme Icon
Freedom and Confinement Theme Icon
...wishes his “skill” belonged to someone else. “There are no carefree gods, except for Zeus,” Kratos says. “He rules us all, so he alone is free.” Hephaistos continues to bind Prometheus... (full context)
Power vs. Reason Theme Icon
Suffering, Compassion, and Hope Theme Icon
Creation, Art, and Sacrifice Theme Icon
...“It didn’t take long.” Hephaistos is eager to leave, and he says as much to Kratos. “Be soft if that’s your way,” Kratos says to Hephaistos. “But don’t begrudge me /... (full context)