Prometheus Unbound


Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Prometheus Unbound Characters


Prometheus is the protagonist and hero of Prometheus Unbound. In Shelley’s poem, Prometheus is a Titan (within Greek mythology, Titans are children of the Earth who are often in conflict with the classical gods)… read analysis of Prometheus


Jupiter is the villain or antagonist of Prometheus Unbound, the ruler of the Heavens, the Earth, the natural elements, and humanity. In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the ruler of the Gods and equivalent… read analysis of Jupiter


Asia is Prometheus’s wife, an Oceanid (otherwise known in classical mythology as a daughter of the Ocean, or a sea nymph), and the sister of Panthea and Ione. Asia as portrayed by… read analysis of Asia


An Oceanid, or sea nymph, Panthea is the daughter of the Ocean and the sister of Asia and Ione. Panthea is depicted as loving and protective of her sisters and shows great compassion for… read analysis of Panthea


Ione is an Oceanid, or sea nymph, and is the daughter of the Ocean and the sister of Panthea and Asia. Like Panthea and Asia, Ione is portrayed as a compassionate nature spirit who… read analysis of Ione
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Mercury is a messenger God sent by Jupiter to seek a compromise with Prometheus during his imprisonment on the mountain, as Panthea and Ione watch from a nearby peak. Mercury is portrayed as a well-meaning… read analysis of Mercury


The Demogorgon in Prometheus Unbound is a spirit of the underworld, associated with the realm of night or the world of the dead in pagan mythology. He represents an eternal force in nature which cannot… read analysis of Demogorgon

The Earth

The Earth is personified in Prometheus Unbound as a mother grieving for her child, Prometheus, and for her inhabitants, humanity. At the beginning of the poem, the Earth is fearful about what will become… read analysis of The Earth

The Spirit of the Earth

The Spirit of the Earth is a childlike spirit who was very fond of Asia, Prometheus’s wife, before the corruption of Jupiter’s reign. She used to play with and confide in Asia… read analysis of The Spirit of the Earth

The Furies

The Furies are spirits from Hell who are sent by Jupiter to torment Prometheus while he is chained to the mountain. The Furies mock and torment Prometheus with visions of humanity’s demise under Jupiter’s reign… read analysis of The Furies


Hercules is a demigod (half mortal and half god) who frees Prometheus from his chains on the mountain, where he has been imprisoned by the tyrant God Jupiter. In Roman mythology Hercules is the… read analysis of Hercules


Apollo is the sun god, in both Greek and Roman mythology, who witnesses the fall of Jupiter after Prometheus has been set free. Apollo, like all the gods and natural forces in Shelley’s poem, has… read analysis of Apollo


Ocean is the god of the sea, the personification of the oceans, and the father of the sea nymphs Panthea, Ione, and Asia. Ocean, like all the natural elements, has been enslaved… read analysis of Ocean
Minor Characters
Good Spirits
The Good Spirits are the counterparts of the Furies and are sent by the Earth to comfort Prometheus during his imprisonment after the Furies have tormented him.
The Phantasm of Jupiter
The shadow version of Jupiter who is called up by the Earth to repeat Prometheus’s curse.
The Moon
The barren sister planet of the Earth who is brought back to life alongside the Earth after Prometheus’s liberation.