Purple Hibiscus


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Purple Hibiscus Characters

Kambili Achike

The novel’s narrator, a fifteen-year-old girl who is quiet and withdrawn, but an excellent student. She idolizes her father, Papa, even as she fears his violent punishments, and her worldview is based on his… read analysis of Kambili Achike

Jaja (Chukwuka Achike)

Kambili’s older brother, a seventeen-year-old who is also quiet but an excellent student. Jaja feels guilty about being unable to protect Kambili and Mama from Papa. In Nsukka he discovers a passion for… read analysis of Jaja (Chukwuka Achike)

Papa (Eugene Achike)

Kambili’s father, a wealthy factory owner and devout Catholic. Papa uses his vast wealth to support his friends and relatives, many charities, and his church, St. Agnes. He also publishes the newspaper the Standardread analysis of Papa (Eugene Achike)

Mama (Beatrice Achike)

Kambili’s mother, a quiet, submissive woman who takes care of her children but does not speak out against Papa’s violence. After Kambili’s birth she suffers several miscarriages because of Papa’s beatings. Mama… read analysis of Mama (Beatrice Achike)

Aunty Ifeoma

Papa’s sister, a tall, outspoken woman who is a professor at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka. Ifeoma is not afraid to criticize her brother, the university, or the Nigerian government. She is a… read analysis of Aunty Ifeoma
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The father of Papa and Aunty Ifeoma. He still lives in Abba and remains a traditionalist, following the beliefs of his ancestors. Papa-Nnukwu is close with Ifeoma and her children, but Papa cuts ties… read analysis of Papa-Nnukwu

Father Amadi

A young, handsome Nigerian priest who is friends with Aunty Ifeoma and her children. He is a Catholic who also respects his Nigerian roots, incorporating Igbo songs into his prayers and blending the old ways… read analysis of Father Amadi
Minor Characters
Aunty Ifeoma’s oldest child, a fifteen-year-old artist who wants to be an activist. She is very outspoken, close with Papa-Nnukwu, and criticizes Kambili for her wealth and meekness. Ultimately the two cousins grow close and understand each other better.
Aunty Ifeoma’s second child, a fourteen-year-old who seems mature beyond his years. Obiora questions everything and assumes the role of “man of the house” after his father’s death. He seems older than Jaja, despite being three years his junior, and inspires Jaja to take control of his life.
Aunty Ifeoma’s youngest child, a seven-year-old boy.
Ade Coker
Papa’s friend and the editor of the Standard, a round and kindly man who writes dangerous stories criticizing the government. He is assassinated with a package bomb.
Father Benedict
The white, British, conservative Catholic priest at St. Agnes. Father Benedict sees Catholicism as a rigid set of rules, like Papa does.
Yewande Coker
Ade Coker’s wife, who is distraught by his death. Papa helps her and her daughter by funding their care and buying them a new house after the explosion.
The quiet servant in Papa’s house. She provides the poison Mama uses to kill Papa.
Chinwe Jideze
A wealthy and popular girl in Kambili’s class. She takes the top spot from Kambili one term and is somewhat antagonistic toward Kambili, though eventually she becomes friendlier.
The only girl in Kambili’s class who treats her like a friend.
Papa’s family driver, who takes them everywhere.
The new driver who replaces Kevin after Papa’s death.
Aunty Ifeoma’s professor friend, who criticizes her move to America.
The Head of State (“Big Oga”)
A corrupt leader who takes over the Nigerian government through a military coup. Probably a stand-in for the real-life Nigerian ruler Ibrahim Babangida.
Mama’s father, a light-skinned Nigerian who was a devout Catholic.
An old man who tries to enter Papa’s compound in Abba, despite being a non-Christian.
The Igwe
A local ruler in Abba who visits Papa.
Aunty Ifeoma’s late husband.
Doctor Nduoma
A doctor in Nsukka who treats Papa-Nnukwu.
Nwankiti Ogechi
A pro-democracy activist who is murdered by the government.
Mama Joe
A woman in Nsukka who plaits Kambili’s hair.