Riding the Bus with My Sister

Riding the Bus with My Sister


Rachel Simon

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Riding the Bus with My Sister: 19. July: Break Shot Summary & Analysis

Beth keeps writing Rachel letters about Rick, the bus driver who asked her to dinner. One day, at last, they take his bus. He’s very attractive, but Rachel refuses to fall for Beth’s “cunning little trap.” Rick tells her about his interest in art history, independent movies, and crossword puzzles. He asks Rachel for with help with a puzzle, and even though she says that she’s no good at crosswords, she helps him solve several clues. Then, Beth brings up Rick’s date invitation, and he asks if Rachel likes theater and playing pool. Another passenger helps solve one of Rick’s crossword clues.
Rachel is ambivalent about Beth’s invitation: while she does want to find love, she neither wants to give Beth control of her romantic life nor accept the emotional risks that come with dating. Still, she is far more open to Rick than she would have been at the beginning of the year, which shows how her journey with Beth has started to help her overcome her fears and isolation. After all, the fate of Rachel’s love life will be the ultimate test of what she has learned through her year with Beth. So far, she and Rick are clearly well-matched: they share many interests and immediately get along.
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