Rip Van Winkle


Washington Irving

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The Inn

The inn is where, prior to Rip Van Winkle’s long sleep, he and other townspeople spend their days. The inn functions as a locus for unproductive activity, and represents the peace and rest of the… read analysis of The Inn

The Flagon of Drink

The drink is a symbolic representation of the passive escapism that Rip Van Winkle (and other henpecked husbands) so desperately long for. It’s delicious irresistibility gestures to the seductive power of escape—and the drink does… read analysis of The Flagon of Drink

The Union Hotel

The Union hotel represents the inverse of the old inn. It is now occupied by industrious political activists, who, instead of lazily concerning themselves with outdated news, are occupied by the upcoming Presidential election. The… read analysis of The Union Hotel