Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea


Ruta Sepetys

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Salt to the Sea: 111. Joana Summary & Analysis

Joana tries to hold Emilia’s baby near her and inspire some sense of motherly love. Alfred, who has brought Florian, distracts her. She has him lay on a cot and takes his stitches out, but Florian can tell Joana’s mind is elsewhere. She explains Emilia had her baby, but that she has been lying about how it was conceived.
More characters learn that Emilia’s story about her baby’s father, August, was a fantasy constructed to protect her from the horrible truth. Florian and Joana care about Emilia’s wellbeing and do their best to get her to accept and care for her baby.
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Joana understands that Emilia clung to Florian because he “saved her from the Russian in the forest.” He’s “proof that there are still good men in the world.” Florian disagrees. Joana asks Florian to come talk to Emilia and raise her spirits.
Joana understands the connection Emilia felt to Florian. She hopes that Florian—the person Emilia seems to care about most, can help convince Emilia to live, and to embrace her baby.
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