Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea


Ruta Sepetys

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Salt to the Sea: 138. Florian Summary & Analysis

Florian wanders through the ship to find the Poet and Klaus. Florian likes the Poet, and wishes he had apprenticed with someone like him instead of Dr. Lange. Florian and the Poet finally exchange real names. They discuss their futures. The Poet admits he likes being a grandfather, and will continue to look after the boy. Florian says he’ll look for Anni, but worries he won’t recognize her. The Poet assures him he will. The two talk about love. The Poet was married for 55 years, and suggests Florian has found a kind of real love with Joana.
Florian and the Poet’s relationship has continued to develop and strengthen. The disclosure of their real names is a major step forward. They are finally fully open and intimate with each other. Florian is able to love his new family even as he searches for his sister. His thoughts about Anni help drive him forward, whereas the Poet and his other friends help support him in the present.
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