Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea


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Salt to the Sea: 23. Florian Summary & Analysis

Florian tries to convince Emilia to leave him but she will not go. He tells her he cannot protect her, and she suggests that maybe she can protect him. He continues to walk and she continues to trail behind. He is frustrated that she is slowing him down, but is once again reminded of his little sister. He turns back and gives her a gun to protect herself.
Florian is torn between a selfish desire to travel alone and unburdened, and memories of his own little sister, who might be in need of a savior, in the same way Emilia is in need of a knight. He ignores the possibility that Emilia might be able to help him, only seeing her as a burden.
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Florian wonders if he has made a mistake, and realizes how suspicious he and Emilia look—a Prussian “carrying enough secrets to blow up the kingdom,” and a “Pole with a Soviet gun.”
Florian knows how he and Emilia look to the outside world. For those who judge individuals based on their nationality or ethnicity, the two of them are clearly out of place. He worries this will lead to their deaths. 
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