Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea


Ruta Sepetys

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Salt to the Sea: 24. Joana Summary & Analysis

Joana and Ingrid walk together. Ingrid can sense that it will soon snow. Although blind, Ingrid has an acute sense of the world around her. Ingrid trips as she walks, but tells Joana, “Don’t feel sorry for me […] I am able to see things. Just not the same things you see.” She asks Joana what Florian and Emilia looked like physically, but already seems to have a sense. Ingrid calls Florian a thief, because she sensed him stealing from Joana, but does not tell Joana this.
Although marked by the Nazis as an “undesirable,” Ingrid is competent and perceptive, an important asset in her group of refugees. Like the others, she distrusts Florian and Emilia, but unlike the others she has a specific reason to favor the group of familiar friends over these strangers: she witnessed Florian’s act of thievery. 
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