Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea


Ruta Sepetys

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Salt to the Sea: 74. Florian Summary & Analysis

Florian eavesdrops on Joana and Alfred’s conversation. Joana asks where registration begins and Alfred gestures towards the ships. Joana notices his rash and offers to help, explaining she’s a nurse. Alfred lights up and explains that he is working in the medical ward of his ship, and needs more professionals. He offers to assign her to his ship, where she can work. Joana asks if she can take her patients—Florian and Emilia—with her, and Alfred agrees they can come if their papers are in order. 
Joana is happy to be helpful, as working as a nurse is one of the few things that continue to bring her joy. As always, she thinks of others, and makes sure her friends are guaranteed passage as well. Alfred is happy because, for one of the first times this novel, his fantasy is intersecting with reality: he is doing an important job. 
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