Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea


Ruta Sepetys

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Salt to the Sea: 92. Joana Summary & Analysis

Emilia wants to wait for Florian but Joana convinces her to come to the ship now. Passing again through the chaotic city, Joana wonders if Poland and Lithuania look this bad as well. The women enter the ship, and Joana is struck by the relative calm indoors, compared to the chaos outside. A bad feeling overtakes Emilia, and she wants to leave the ship, but Joana ushers her forward. They find Dr. Richter, who directs them to the maternity ward. He promises to find someone Latvian who will be able to speak to Emilia.
Emilia cares for Florian and is willing to put her own health in danger to wait for him. Luckily, Joana convinces Emilia that her wellbeing is important enough that she should take advantage of this preferential treatment.  Although Emilia doesn’t give a specific reason for her ominous premonition, she often has bad, vague feelings about the future and about the likelihood of her own death.
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