Same Kind of Different as Me

Same Kind of Different as Me


Ron Hall and Denver Moore

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Same Kind of Different as Me: Chapter 45 Summary & Analysis

Ron continues his narration. Ron is enveloped with grief, and so cannot remember everything that Denver told him, but is comforted by Denver’s assertion that Deborah won’t die until the right time. As he sits next to his wife’s bed, Deborah again whispers that she does not want to die, and Ron tells her that he feels the same. Another doctor arrives and Deborah tells him that she is hungry, but the doctor explains that the cancer has virtually overtaken her stomach—her body no longer has the ability to digest food. All she can consume are ice chips and sips of water. As Deborah realizes that she cannot last more than a few days, she asks, “How do you live the rest of your life in just a few days?”
At this point in the story, Ron and Denver’s roles begin to shift within their relationship. Where initially, Ron was the mentoring figure who introduced stability into Denver’s life, now Denver becomes the supporting figure, seeking Ron out to stabilize him with his faith and offer comfort and meaning. Such a role reversal demonstrates the manner in which a relationship between equals can become a benefit to both, testifying to the potential in each human being to help and bless others.
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