Season of Migration to the North

Mr. Robinson Character Analysis

Mr. Robinson is the husband of Mrs. Robinson. He is the principal of the school in Cairo to which Mustafa Sa’eed is sent to study on scholarship. He, along with his wife, acts as a parent figure to Sa’eed during his time in Egypt. An expert in Arabic and Islamic culture and architecture, Mr. Robinson converts to Islam before his death and is buried in a Muslim cemetery in Cairo.
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Mr. Robinson Character Timeline in Season of Migration to the North

The timeline below shows where the character Mr. Robinson appears in Season of Migration to the North. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2
Gender and Violence Theme Icon
Migration and Identity Theme Icon
...arrives in Cairo, where he is looked after by the headmaster of the school there, Mr. Robinson , and his wife, Mrs. Robinson. Mustafa is attracted to Mrs. Robinson and feels the... (full context)
Chapter 7
Gender and Violence Theme Icon arrest her. The narrator thinks that he will write to Mrs. Robinson, who, after Mr. Robinson ’s death, had gone to live on the Isle of Wight. (full context)
Chapter 9
Gender and Violence Theme Icon
The narrator picks up a photo of Mustafa Sa’eed with Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Robinson in Cairo, in 1913, and remembers the letter he received from Mrs. Robinson recently, in... (full context)