Season of Migration to the North


Tayeb Salih

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Season of Migration to the North Symbols

The Nile River

The Nile river, on whose banks the Sudanese village of Wad Hamid sits, represents the great forces of nature, which are capable of both sustaining life and destroying it. The Nile’s symbolic value as a…

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Sa’eed’s London Apartment

Mustafa Sa’eed’s apartment in London, where he consummates his relationships with the English women whom he seduces, represents a fetishized version of his native Sudanese culture. Mustafa Sa’eed fills the room with the smell…

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Sa’eed’s Secret Room in Sudan

The secret room which Sa’eed builds in his house in the small village of Wad Hamid in Sudan represents his link to western culture. The room is lined from floor to ceiling with books in…

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