Ralph Waldo Emerson

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American political movement in support of ending the institution of slavery in the US. read analysis of Abolition


The belief that grace from God releases Christians from the obligation of following moral laws. read analysis of Antinomianism


A short quotation or saying placed before the start of a work, often in order to preview an important theme or subject in the work. read analysis of Epigraph


Ancient Greek architectural style characterized by thick, strong columns and clean lines. read analysis of Doric


Medieval European architectural style characterized by large scale and ornate details, hence its association with buildings like castles and cathedrals. read analysis of Gothic
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The retreat of religious people, such as monks or nuns, from secular life and into secluded communities devoted to worship and spiritual acts. read analysis of Monachism

Relief society

Nineteenth century charitable organizations, usually funded through donations and supported with volunteer labor, designed to provide relief to the poor and ill. read analysis of Relief society


Eighteenth century religious belief founded on the ideas of Emmanuel Swedenborg, a Swiss theologian who believed that Jesus Christ appeared to him in visions and who believed that a new, reform-minded church would be founded… read analysis of Swedenborgism


Nineteenth century American political party that opposed the presidency of Andrew Jackson. read analysis of Whigs