She Stoops to Conquer


Oliver Goldsmith

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She Stoops to Conquer Characters

Charles Marlow

An aristocratic, well-educated, and handsome young man, Marlow has spent little time in polite society, instead spending much of his upbringing at school and in international travel. As a result, he lacks self-confidence in social… read analysis of Charles Marlow

Kate Hardcastle

An intelligent, good-humored, sensible, and beautiful young woman, Kate is confident in her own merits and appreciative of the good in those around her. She loves and respects her father, Hardcastle, and humors him… read analysis of Kate Hardcastle

Constance Neville

A young woman of marriageable age, Constance is kind, affectionate, and practical. Since the death of her father, her aunt—Mrs. Hardcastle, who wants Constance to marry her son Tony—has served as her… read analysis of Constance Neville

George Hastings

Fashionable, well-educated, and good-natured, Hastings is Marlow’s best friend and Constance’s suitor. Unlike Marlow, he is unconstrained in social situations and doesn’t take fashion too seriously. Hastings hopes to encourage Marlow to gain confidence… read analysis of George Hastings


An old-fashioned gentleman who owns an old house in the countryside, Hardcastle is stuck in his ways and despises modern trends. He fought in the War of Spanish Succession and likes to tell stories of… read analysis of Hardcastle
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Mrs. Hardcastle

A vain, greedy, sentimental, and manipulative woman, Mrs. Hardcastle has lived all her life in the countryside but is obsessed with what is fashionable in the city. She has spoiled her son Tony and hopes… read analysis of Mrs. Hardcastle

Tony Lumpkin, Esquire

Clever but uneducated and rustic, Tony Lumpkin is sick of his mother Mrs. Hardcastle’s domineering personality and eager for the time when he will inherit a substantial fortune and be able to act more… read analysis of Tony Lumpkin, Esquire

Aunt Pedigree

Constance’s aunt who lives a two-hour drive from the Hardcastles. Mrs. Hardcastle intends to send Constance to Aunt Pedigree when she learns that Constance hopes to elope with Hastings, but Tony drives Constance and… read analysis of Aunt Pedigree
Minor Characters
Sir Charles
Marlow’s father and Hardcastle’s best friend from his days in the army.
Kate’s servant.
A talkative, intelligent, opinionated servant in the Hardcastle home.
Bet Bouncer
A red-faced, large, jolly country girl whom Tony wants to marry. Bet never appears onstage.
The owner of The Three Pigeons, a bar where Tony spends his time singing, drinking, and joking with a group of lower-class men.