Silence! The Court is in Session


Vijay Tendulkar

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Silence! The Court is in Session Terms


A female teacher. However, the term suggests an older, conservative, and strict woman. read analysis of Schoolmarm

Living Courtroom

A performance in which actors reenact a famous trial from the past. read analysis of Living Courtroom


A devotional Hindu poet. read analysis of Tukaram

Masala Pan

A drug made from the leaf of the betel plant. When chewed it has stimulant effects. read analysis of Masala Pan


A polite formal title, or honorific, for a man. read analysis of Sahib
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Also translated as the Bhagavad-Gita, and often referred to as the Gita, this is a piece of Hindu scripture. Although only one piece of a larger body of important Hindu texts, the Gita was often… read analysis of Bhagavad-Geeta

Agarkar and Dhonodo Keshav Karve

Two Indian social reformers born in the mid 1800s. Gopal Ganesh Agarkar campaigned for education reform, the abolition of the Indian cast system, and for the increase of the marriage age for children. Karve campaigned… read analysis of Agarkar and Dhonodo Keshav Karve


The killing of an infant. read analysis of Infanticide


A bed bug poison, that is also poisonous to humans. read analysis of Tik-20


The part of a courtroom where the accused sits. It is generally composed of a bench or a chair and surrounded by a fence or cage-like railing. read analysis of Dock


The highest Indian caste. Although the term is never explicitly used in the play, many of its characters are implied to be Brahmins. These characters are middle class in the traditional sense—well off, but concerned… read analysis of Brahmin