Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda


Becky Albertalli

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Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda Characters

Simon Spier

Simon is the seventeen-year-old titular protagonist of the novel. He's a junior at Creekside High School and is secretly gay. Emailing under the pseudonym Jacques, Simon begins an email correspondence with another secretly gay boy… read analysis of Simon Spier

Martin Addison

Martin is a tall, gangly classmate of Simon's whom Simon doesn't know well at the beginning of the novel. However, Martin quickly reveals himself to be a dangerous enemy: when he stumbles upon Simon's… read analysis of Martin Addison

Blue / Bram

Simon and Blue begin emailing right before their junior year of high school starts after Blue posts on the school Tumblr, creeksecrets, about the anxiety he feels about being gay. Through their emails, Simon learns… read analysis of Blue / Bram

Abby Suso

Abby is one of Simon's best friends, though he hasn't known her long; she and her mom moved to Atlanta area right before the start of the school year. Like most of the black… read analysis of Abby Suso


Leah is one of Simon's best friends. She joined the friend group with Nick and Simon in sixth grade, and she spends many afternoons hanging out with Nick in his basement, playing video games… read analysis of Leah
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Nick is one of Simon's best friends; they've been friends since they were four years old. As such, Simon insists that he and Nick don't actually have to talk about important or deep things… read analysis of Nick

Alice Spier

Alice is Simon's older sister; she's a freshman at Wesleyan University and only comes home to Shady Creek for holidays (though she Skypes home weekly to discuss The Bachelorette with her family). Though Simon… read analysis of Alice Spier

Nora Spier

Nora is Simon's younger sister and a freshman in high school. Simon describes her as quiet and studious; she often stays in to read or do homework rather than go out with friends. After… read analysis of Nora Spier


Mom is Simon, Nora, and Alice's mom. Simon takes major offense to the fact that Mom is extremely observant about any changes her children make, and gets overexcited about those changes. Mom… read analysis of Mom


Dad is Simon, Nora, and Alice's dad. Though Simon loves his dad, he's also put off by the fact that Dad has an affinity for making jokes in poor taste about gay… read analysis of Dad

Taylor Metternich

Taylor is one of Simon's classmates and the lead actress in the school production of Oliver. Though she's an exceptional actress, singer, and dancer, and is also blond and beautiful, Simon insists she… read analysis of Taylor Metternich

Cal Price

Cal is a senior at Creekwood High and the stage manager for Oliver. He's blond with piercing blue-green eyes, which leads Simon to believe that Cal might be Blue. Though Cal isn't Blue… read analysis of Cal Price


Garrett is one of Nick's soccer friends who is also close friends with Bram. Simon initially describes him as a bit of a jerk, though Garrett is supportive when Simon and then Bram… read analysis of Garrett

Blue's Mom

Blue lives with his mom in the Shady Creek area. She's an epidemiologist and as such, when Blue comes out to her, she's mostly concerned with making sure he's aware of safe sex practices. She's… read analysis of Blue's Mom

Blue's Dad

Blue's dad lives with his wife in Savannah, Georgia. He's Jewish, but he and Blue celebrate all of Hanukkah in a hotel room on one night when he's able to get down to Atlanta… read analysis of Blue's Dad
Minor Characters
Ms. Albright
Ms. Albright is the theater director at Creekwood High. She's relatively young with wild red hair, and the students all love her. Simon feels mostly ambivalent towards her until Ms. Albright gets worked up when she witnesses homophobic bullying directed at Simon. She vows to get the bullies suspended.
Theo is Alice's mysterious boyfriend at college. Theo seems very kind, though the Spier family is not crazy about his facial hair.
Peter is a college student that Simon meets in a gay bar in Atlanta. Peter buys Simon drinks, draws him into his crowd of friends, a majority of whom are gay, and kindly steers Simon back to Abby and Nick when he realizes Simon is only in high school.
Mr. Sexual Awakening
A man that Blue met at a wedding at age twelve who made Blue realize he was gay. In the present, he's married to a woman and is expecting a baby.
Mr. Wise
An English teacher at Creekwood High.
Bieber is the Spier family's golden retriever.