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One of Ray’s coworkers at the warehouse. Although they work in the same position, Bernie is enthusiastic about acquiring sleepers to complete a pool area in his backyard, suggesting he puts more effort into his life than Ray despite having similarly scant financial resources. He provides Ray with advice on how to successfully steal sleepers, but Ray reacts with characteristic indifference.

Bernie Quotes in Sleepers

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Scribe edition of Sleepers published in 2012.
Sleepers Quotes

“I guess,” said Ray. Inside the opaque layers of shrink-wrapped plastic on the pallet, he could see stacked ornamental Buddha statues. It was like gazing into a submerged shipwreck, crammed full of calmly waiting monks.


Ray lifted his knife and sliced through plastic, breathing in the chemical, sealed breath of some factory floor in China.

Related Characters: Ray (speaker), Bernie
Page Number: 125
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Bernie Character Timeline in Sleepers

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...interest in the sleepers and “a sudden professed desire to landscape.” At work, Ray’s coworker Bernie boasts about grabbing a truckload of them for his backyard pool. Another person at the... (full context)