Small Great Things

Small Great Things


Jodi Picoult

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Small Great Things: Chapter 21, Kennedy Summary & Analysis

As Kennedy heads out the door for Ruth's trial, Micah tells her to sit and eat breakfast while Violet points out that her shoes don't match. Kennedy wolfs down her food and then leaves to meet Ruth behind the courthouse. She notices Walter Mercy out front, as well as a group holding up pictures of Davis. The white supremacists walk through Mercy's group, throwing punches, and police separate the groups. Kennedy finds Edison in the parking lot, and Ruth stands on the sidewalk watching. After a minute, Ruth admits that she's wondering how long she has to enjoy the world. Kennedy says she'll do her best.
When the white supremacists walk through Mercy's group, they do so entirely to intimidate the other protesters. This shows how they make a point to create a sense of fear, as that in turn allows them to divide and conquer.
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