Small Great Things

Small Great Things


Jodi Picoult

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Edison's longtime best friend who, when Edison expresses interest in dating his younger sister, tells Edison that his parents would go crazy if Whitney dated a black boy. This comes as a surprise to both Edison and Ruth, as Bryce's family has taken Edison on vacation with them to Greece on several occasions.
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Bryce Character Timeline in Small Great Things

The timeline below shows where the character Bryce appears in Small Great Things. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4, Ruth
Racism: Hate, Fear, and Grief Theme Icon
Institutional Racism Theme Icon
Family and Shared Humanity Theme Icon
Edison explains that he got into an argument with his best friend Bryce. Edison has been on vacation to Greece with Bryce's family; this is unusual. Ruth notices... (full context)
Chapter 14, Ruth
Institutional Racism Theme Icon
The Justice System and the Politics of Speech Theme Icon
...under her skin. As the after-school rush arrives, Ruth recognizes a voice. It's Edison and Bryce. (full context)
Belonging and Community Theme Icon
The Justice System and the Politics of Speech Theme Icon
Ruth thinks of this as Edison's principal tells her that Edison punched Bryce. The principal agrees to not put it on Edison's permanent record, but suspends him for... (full context)