Snow Falling on Cedars


David Guterson

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Mrs. Shigemura Character Analysis

A woman with whom young Hatsue studies traditional Japanese culture. Like Fujiko, Mrs. Shigemura emphasizes the differences between the Japanese and the hakujin (white people). Hatsue often thinks back to what Mrs. Shigemura taught her when she feels torn between her love for Ishmael and her duty to honor her family.
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Mrs. Shigemura Character Timeline in Snow Falling on Cedars

The timeline below shows where the character Mrs. Shigemura appears in Snow Falling on Cedars. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 7
Duty vs. Desire Theme Icon
...old and elegant. She picks strawberries during the summer. During Hatsue’s childhood, a woman named Mrs. Shigemura had taught Hatsue the cultural traditions a young Japanese girl should know, such as how... (full context)
Duty vs. Desire Theme Icon
Mrs. Shigemura ’s lessons taught Hatsue to react to hardship with studied composure. These teachings would come... (full context)
Racism and Prejudice Theme Icon
Duty vs. Desire Theme Icon
Hatsue’s parents arranged for her to have these lessons with Mrs. Shigemura so that Hatsue would never forget her Japenese identity. Hatsue’s parents had incurred numerous hardships... (full context)
Chapter 11
The Psychological Impact of War  Theme Icon
Chance vs. Choice Theme Icon
Duty vs. Desire Theme Icon
...his honor was compromised. Hatsue eventually agreed with her husband, citing something she’d learned from Mrs. Shigemura , “that character was always destiny.” (full context)
Chapter 12
Duty vs. Desire Theme Icon
...were high school seniors: In the cedar tree, Hatsue tells Ishmael about her training with Mrs. Shigemura , about how she’d been strongly advised to marry a Japanese boy. She feels that... (full context)