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Aunty Nabou’s Journey Symbol Analysis

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Aunty Nabou’s journey to her ancestral village of Diakhao symbolizes and enacts a kind of passage through time—particularly a passage backwards in time. As Nabou moves further inland, further from cosmopolitan Dakar, she immerses herself more and more intensely in the old customs of Senegal, and in an older, more rural way of life. Her final destination is the tomb of her ancestors—another symbol of the past, of nostalgia and tradition and precedent—and it is here that she finds the resolve to scheme for her son Mawdo’s second marriage.

Aunty Nabou’s Journey Quotes in So Long a Letter

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Chapter 10 Quotes

How many generations has this same unchanging countryside seen glide past! Aunty Nabou acknowledged man's vulnerability in the face of the eternity of nature. By its very duration, nature defies time and takes its revenge on man.

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Related Symbols: Aunty Nabou’s Journey
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Aunty Nabou’s Journey Symbol Timeline in So Long a Letter

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Chapter 11
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...Farba Diouf, who is a customary chief in Diakhao, a rural town far inland. After a long journey she visits the tomb of her noble ancestors, which is located in the town, and... (full context)