Soldier’s Home


Ernest Hemingway

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Soldier’s Home Characters

Harold Krebs

The story’s protagonist, Krebs is a young soldier struggling to readjust to life at home following World War I. At first, Krebs feels as though he cannot discuss his experience in the war, and then… read analysis of Harold Krebs


Helen is one of Krebs’s two sisters, though he admits that she is the one he likes best. She is the only character in the story to whom Krebs responds with some positivity. When… read analysis of Helen

Krebs’s Mother

Though Krebs’s mother seems to try to understand her son’s experience in the war, in Krebs’s point of view, she fails to the point of almost making things worse. Throughout the story, she is… read analysis of Krebs’s Mother

Krebs’s Father

Though Krebs’s father never appears in the story, he is mentioned several times. When Krebs’s mother implores Krebs to get a job, for instance, she is relaying something that his father had asked her… read analysis of Krebs’s Father